Be creative and win prizes up to 500,- €  cash, each!

Welcome to our competition. 

What's it all about? - We're looking for creative people who produce an either extraordinary, crazy or very funny VULVA video and upload it on youTube.

How to use clip:

  • At this it's necessary that you keep the youTube conditions, which are to be found on our website.
  • The quality and length of the video aren't important, it doesn't matter if the video is 20 seconds, 5 minutes, full HD or just a video taken by your cellphone 
  • Deciding in our competition is the following: the title of your video has to include 'VULVA Original', and of course the video has to deal with our unique product. Starting the day you upload your video on youtube your clicks will be counted and decide if you're winning.

Rating criteria for the competition:

  • Decisive are the clicks of your Video
  • Rating period will be 60 days from the day of uploading.
  • Send us your link on the day you upload your video on youTube via or simply use the contact button  


  • With every 10.000th click you'll recieve a VULVA Original, 1x VULVA Original (meaning in the  case that your video will recieve 20.000 clicks  2x VULVA Original; 30.000 clicks 3 x VULVA Original, etc. etc.)
  • for a total of 250.000 clicks you’ll receive 25 x VULVA Original and 500,- € (Maximum!)
  • Every winner gets 1 VULVA Original T-shirt one time.
  • Each winner will be contacted after the rating period of 60 days and receive their premiums via mail.
  • Please notice additional clicks after 60 days can not be counted.  

If you need any ideas for videos, simply click through our video gallery. This is where your video will be shown, too.
Advice: You can produce as many videos as you want to, to increase your chance of receiving clicks.

So - be creative and win! VULVA Original is looking forward to all your clips.