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Responsible acc. to § 6 TDG:   Guido Lenssen (CEO)
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Protection of minors acc. to § 7 Abs. 1 bis 5 JMStV,
§ 12 Abs.5 MDVST and § 7a GjSM
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Explanation and Instructions for Contract Cancellation / Withdrawal   BGB § 312d Absatz IV, Nr. 1, alternativ 3.

Products which are not suitable for return consignment because of their consistence. VULVA Original is suspect to supervision of strict international terms of references and is sent in welded transparent plastic sheet. Cancellation is only possible with unopened original packaging within 14 days! After opening the safety plastic sheet the withdrawal is cancelled and you can not make use of your sale or return. For products which will be returned anyhow, you will not get your money back. You will have to carry the costs for the return.